Rae And Tay like to keep it fresh with different show segments…

Breaking News
The hottest news in the sports world with a little touch of our opinion
Champs and Chumps
Our best and worst performers of the weekend
Where you at Wednesday
We reminisce about a former player, and ask where are you now?
Hall of Fame Friday
We debate if players are Hall of Fame worthy, and look back at current HOFs
Top 5 Friday
We go through our Top 5 lists in various sports and entertainment

You’re Not Ready
Rae and Tay identify players and teams that don’t get enough media recognition
I’m Sorry
Rae and Tay apologize to athletes and teams we underestimated, or dare we say, disrespected
Yo. That’s My Guy!
Rae and Tay bring you players and athletes we like who are not household names
Doing More with Less
We highlight players achieving excellence without a great supporting cast